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 EXEHON provides a network for road surface information dissemination between road users as well as technical personnel responsible for road maintenance. It can be installed such that it covers both motorways and urban roads and uses both wired and wireless technology in order to achieve this.

Vehicles that are part of EXEHON can collate information about the road surface through on-board sensors similar to those of Hermes inspection vehicles and, consequently, disseminate this information to other vehicles or remote storage facilities. The stored information can be processed at centralised control points and deduced information about parameters such as the location of hazardous features can be re-transmitted back onto the network of operators and users. Vehicle users are marked as Moving Nodes (MNs), traffic light signs that are equipped with EXEHON hardware for data reception and transmission are marked as Stationary Nodes (SNs) and the centralised control centre is marked as MCN.

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This project has received funding from the  European Union's Seventh Framework Programme manges by REA-Research Executive Agency 2007-2013) under grant agreement number 315029. framework7 and eu flag